Veepen is a Job board and a Virtual Private network for Developers. At Veepen ,we developers will find the necessary resources to find the latest job openings country wide. Also, developers will be able to connect with other fellow developers, to share their and increment their knowledge and to also increase their network, which nowadays will open many doors in our industry. It was founded and develop on 2016, by a team of three developers. They decided to develop Veepen because they wanted to make the job hunting journey easier and simpler, not only for them but to for their fellow developers. Veepen doesn’t only give the resources to find a job, it also gives the resource that can help you on your development projects. So go ahead, don’t wait any longer sign up, upload your resume, connect with other developers, start searching for the thousands of jobs already waiting for you and for the many more to come, it’s completely free for job seekers, except for the links that direct you to the outside sources such as the templates and web hosting links.